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Improvement Project? March 1, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in ALERT, Club Penguin, Coming Up!, General Talk, New Features, Puzzles, What you think!.
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Hey Guys.

I went onto a few blogs today, and they all seem to be spreading the same story, as the one im about to show you.

Club Penguins newest SWF has shown us this:

What could this mean?
What could this all mean?
Does it mean, Club Penguin will launch new ideas? A new mission? A new game bring in?
Ofcourse, the above image is an edit. I mean on the real thing, theres a grey background and Numbers instead of a Question mark. Cool edit huh?

Click here to view the SWF Link!!!

When you have the SWF open, click the eye scan, and be a naughty penguin, and get into the know of the next big thing!!
The Camera is on guard! Be a sneaky penguin!!
Security Camera!
What do you think?
I want to hear what you think about this new SWF, and i will write down your thoughts in this post. Make sure to say “I think…”

Get Thinking!!

Here i will write what you think; (Yes! Your name will appear here!)
Mr Funguin thinks this is a plan to bring in a new game/mission.
Mrs Funguin thinks the door will lead to a make up and blusher room. (Lol) 
Tiggax2 thinks that it has something to do with a new game.
Barry759 thinks they are rebuilding places like the town.
Nightmare90 thinks they may be making a trade option.
Oilersmyth thinks they may be making the HQ cooler.
Shred thinks they are making us excited, and later announce chat stuff.
Ange1998 thinks they are making a new game or mission.
Sir Lemons thinks they will be updating alot, like rooms & Games.
Redguy2000 thinks it may be a new HQ room.
Sandystar45 thinks it has something to with Ninjas.
Digidave74 thinks they will re-build the HQ and make it better.
Nalanemo43 thinks they are making the rooms better & Different.
Belldranit thinks they are making the Eye scan better, or the HQ. 


1. Mr Funguin © - March 1, 2008

I wonder what it all means.

Any ideas guys?

2. tiggax2 - March 1, 2008

billybob tid march there will be a new game

3. tiggax2 - March 1, 2008

billybob said this march there will be a new game

4. barry759 - March 1, 2008

maybe they are rebuilding places like the town!

5. nightmare90 - March 1, 2008

I think that maybe since people were asking if they could trade items with other penguins that might be happening.


6. Oilersmyth - March 1, 2008

mabey they are updating the HQ to look even cooler!

7. Shred - March 1, 2008

i think this is for just trying to get us all excited, and then announce new chat stuff.Of course, I may be wrong (and I usually am)

8. ange1998 - March 2, 2008

i think the might be making a new game or mission or maybe replacing a game!

9. Agent60706 & Clipi 101™ - March 2, 2008

hi um i will take you off if you dont add my site to your blogroll. AND IF YOU READ THIS ADD ME AS SOON CAUSE YOU HAVE 1 WEEK.

10. Sir Lemons® - March 2, 2008

I think they will do alot(update rooms, make new games and missions, etc).

11. ~Redguy2000~ - March 2, 2008

I think it could be a new room in the HQ.

12. sandystar65 - March 2, 2008

I think they are making.. Omg i emailed them about this yesterday! They could be making new jobs, like so called “ninjas!”Or… They could be RE making some parts or clubpenguin and making all our penguin’s clothes 3-d ish like out ACTUAL penguins. Who knows? It could ALL be true! jane5553

13. sandystar65 - March 2, 2008

opps I mean our not out penguins i mean our penguins not out

14. Digidave74 - March 2, 2008

I think that they will rebuild the Hq and they will make it better.

15. Nalanemo43 - March 3, 2008

I think that there just making rooms better and different.

16. belldranit - March 3, 2008

i think that they will make the eye scan better or maybe the HQ!

17. Uguu - March 3, 2008

I have no idea!!!!!!!!!1

18. Random Fun - March 4, 2008

i think its to repair rockhopper ship

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