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New Catalogue! New Pin! February 29, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Pins, Rockhopper!.
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The new Sports Shop Catalogue came out today. Its kinda ok.

Some items have come back that i had wanted for like months.

You can buy the new lure for 200 Coins.

Sports Catalogue Cover & Lure

Its a fishing rod and is featured in the above picture.You just wear it before you go out to Ice Fishing, and you’ll use it in the game.

I cant buy it or use it yet! Im not a member!!! I shall be one on Monday!

Rockhoppers things have floated on to shore.

Nothing special. Just his mast and Soda. And some other things… Lol

New Pin… Where is it? Oh i know! Just look at this picture:

Find this pin at the Underground Pool!
I hate that pin. Its so late and out of season Lol!


All right, I was tagged by Shred! I’m gonna tag Some people, but first i gotta do this:

5 Facts About Mr Funguin:

  1. I live in the Uk!
  2. I’m a Huge fan of Club Penguin
  3. I’m Married in CP (LOL)
  4. I can draw a really good penguin, and a rubbish puffle!
  5. I like adventures!

Ok so here is who i’m gonna tag!

  • Waddle3773
  • Sir Lemons
  • Nightmare90
  • MrPenguin94
  • and Ice Drills!

You must post about yourself in 5 Facts.(Tag others which havnt been tagged before or ages ago.)



Chain mail is when you send some something and it says pass it on, or send it to your friends. I dont like those kinds of emails so please stop it. Its just some people who dont know what they are doing.

– Waddle On round the mountain!-
~Mr Funguin.
(Still looking for a sign out.)


1. barry759 - February 29, 2008

cool 😎
sport catalogue is a bit bad i have to say ❗ :neutreal:

2. barry759 - February 29, 2008


3. Mr Funguin © - February 29, 2008

Yeah kinda, but it has some items i wanted!

4. mazemaker - February 29, 2008

Some fan you are! Didn’t half take you 3 seconds to leave did it?

5. nightmare90 - February 29, 2008

What does tagged mean. And if you are gonna tag ppl what does that mean and how do you do it?


Mr Funguin Says: Tagging is like a chain. You get tagged and get asked to do something. When you’ve done it, you ask some one else to do something. ETC.

6. MrPenguin94 - February 29, 2008

I have a question… What is the theme you are using for your site right now???

7. barry759 - February 29, 2008


8. wweadam - February 29, 2008

OH my gosh! I love the header! Nice post too!
Please comment back! http://wweadam.com

9. Patch Jets - February 29, 2008

Yeah i have to say the sports catalog is out of hand

10. sweatyangel - February 29, 2008

I liked that sign-out! all u need to do is make it look in more cool/interesting way. LLOLL! when is ur shrek movie coming?

11. Digidave74 - March 1, 2008

Hey it is Dava here, Sports Catalog, Way Last year!

12. MrPenguin94 - March 1, 2008

Mr Funguin: What is the current theme for your site right now? I want to see it I like it on my site!

Mr Funguin Says: Regulas

13. Waddle3773™ - March 1, 2008


Looks like I’ve got tagged..

So I’ve gotta post 5 facts bout me? (Waddle3773)

Ok.. here they go;

1. I live in Australia

2. I’m a girl

3. I like scootering! (you know.. kick scooterin)

4. I LOVE drawing…

5. My new penguin name is Wad3773, + you can find me on Mammoth at the dock.

I guess that’s really it! 😀

Mr Funguin Says: 5 Facts on a post on your blog!

14. Chloe - November 4, 2008

That is so cool i would do anything to live in UK!Im a girl my name is Sally aka Sal. But How Old are you??

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