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New Stuff! February 16, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Cheats, General Talk.
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My holidays have started!


1 Whole week!

I dont know im gonna do. I guess Club Penguin.

Mrs Funguin & Myself are thinking of doing a Music video. So thats a good chance.


As you may have noticed, i changed the theme! I love this theme as well as the other theme.

Over on Billybobs CP Blog, they’re talking about the party.

A new game is coming really soon!

I wonder if the Poll is what the game will be called. A poll to choose the name.

My guess is that maybe we gotta drive/steer/control the Sub-Marine! That would be awesome!

What do you think?

Here is a cheat to get more coins in the current newest game, Catchin’ Waves.

When you’re playing, Press any of the following keys on your keyboard continueously;


Just keep pressing each one quickly and control your penguin at the same time. It works if you’ve got a fast hand.


How does a Cheat work?

This is a question alot of people wonder about, but dont know how to phrase it. I’m not talking about the kind of cheat above. Thats just using skill and effort.
A cheat works by confusing the Games intercore and settings. So by changing a Packet size, It will determine the number of coins you get. Even get you items.

For example. If the code for a BETA Hat is 18787 (Random Numbers) And you go to the Gift Shop and click buy, to buy a Hoodie. When it tells you to buy, you then change the Hoodie code to the BETA Hat code. This confuses the game and grants you acess to another item. So you cheat or hack the Item.

Basically you re-arrange numbering and technical coding. (Allthough software does this for you automatically)

Hope you understand how they work now! 😀

If you dont, the comment button is available and you can ask.



1. Mr Funguin © - February 16, 2008

I love the theme!
What do you think?

2. Sir Lemons® - February 16, 2008

I think it’s Great!

3. burgersrule - February 16, 2008

Great new theme!

Do you have any blogroll requirements? If you don’t, I have a great CP Site on its way to becoming popular and any help is good. Its only got 500 hits.
~Burgers Rule

4. connerhco - February 16, 2008

HEy great site man! Best one so far.

Can I be added to your blog roll?



5. Digidave74 - February 17, 2008

Cool theme Mr Funguin, last week it was my week off school but tomorrow I go back to school. 😦

6. Mr Funguin © - February 17, 2008

Yea, thats whats happened to my friend.
I started holidays and her’s are just ending!

7. tampos - February 17, 2008

nice post

8. Graser 10 - February 17, 2008


9. cpmonster - February 17, 2008

Hey cool site!
Comment on mine sometime!

10. loooooook - February 18, 2008

i found out that you can only have 1000000 coins in club penguin

11. Digidave74 - February 18, 2008

barry759 is returning today barry if you were in school i couldn’t go coz i head a headache

12. barry759 - February 18, 2008

cool theme:cool:

13. barry759 - February 18, 2008


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