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Newspaper! & Web Chat! February 14, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Newspaper, The Penguin Times.
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Today as most of you know is…


Do you have a special one? Today is the day to tell him/her how much you care! If you want to have a LIVE Web chat, Yes! I said LIVE WEB CHAT!

Then there are two things you must do. One if you’ve done one of the things.

Register on my forums.

Go to the Live WebChat topic and chat…

Ok i guess you’re wondering – “What if no one responds?”

Well then you can use the LIVE CHAT BOX which is built into the Forums! When logged in, scroll to the bottom and chat.

I’ll be on it all today until Monday!

Maybe you could ask me if i have a Valentine!

Go on the forums now and login, I may be there right now!



The party starts tommorow if im not Mistaken.

I have a feeling it will be a GREAT Party!


Its a submarine party. I knew the constuction at the Berg is going to be a Sub Marine. I just knew it! Although i didnt tell you Lol.

Heres a really cool, happy go lucky Animation i made. Its much better than the just a picture, like in the newspaper.





That is really it. Dont forget, Web Chat! Or Meebo. I’ll be on that too.


I’m thinking of bringing back spinneys as now i think i’ve fixed what was wrong. I know alot of you wanted spinneys these past few weeks and now they maybe coming back!


Lastly, I updated the Poll>>>.





1. Mr Funguin © - February 14, 2008

I really, really, really Love the animation! I’ll try to do more like those from future newspapers!

Valentines day!
Have you told your love one yet? Dont leave it late!

2. MrPenguin94 - February 14, 2008

Can you post this on my site please! I know it is already there, I want you to re-post it!

x Eat It Up! x

Mr Funguin Says: In a new post, Or edit the last one and put my version in?

3. Mrs Funguin! Xxx - February 14, 2008

Hey Darling! XxX!
You are my valentine!

There is something in the air that night, the stars were bright.
They were shining there for you and me.


P.S: I fed Charlie and me and Sir Lemons went out shopping for some new clothes! When you get home, i will show you what i brought for you!

4. Mr Funguin © - February 14, 2008

Aww, you are my Valentine too!
Cant wait to see what you got me!

5. MrPenguin94 - February 14, 2008

Edit the last one and put your version.

x Eat It Up! x

6. Digidave74 - February 15, 2008

My friend Barry759, you should know him Mr Funguin, has gone to your city, London.

I won’t see him for the next couple of days. You never know, he might bump into you. 😆

But what are the odds of that happening.

7. ninjaboy1 - February 15, 2008

plz tell me how to the thing i told u on msn plz plz

8. coolpengu - February 15, 2008

Hi!!! and goodbye! see you next month!

9. mohd222 - February 15, 2008

O nice pictures dude =D

10. mary - February 22, 2008

hey all i’m so dang bored i’m at school an all they talk about is things we do wrong well have they ever looked at there selfs latley an seen what they did wrong well my guess is no. Well if u have something 2 say email me at {BLOCKED}

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