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Stage & Final Instuctions February 8, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, General Talk, New Stage, Parties, PARTY TIME!.
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Hey!Today is the party day. People are asking me when the party is so i moved the invite up:

Come Along!


Read it carefully. If you dont understand any of it, just ask me on MSN. I think its meant to be 12.00PM PST not AM. There will be filming and you will be part of the next video in the Story Page! Also i will take pictures. Your comments are all appreciated! Be at the iceberg a bit before 8:00PM GMT/ 12.00PM PST. We will move around and play Sled and Find Four. Each thing we do should last about 10-15 minutes before we move on. Of course we will move the main venue – My igloo after!

It will be an action packed evening! (Evening for me, Maybe it will be morning for you)

See you there!!!!



Today is: 08/02/08. (Obviously). And at 08:02PM/AM, it will be all matching! So it will be something like this:

08/02/08 – 08:02PM/AM.

Lol, That was so random.

New Play is out.

Its called: Team Blue’s Rally Debut!

You can still use the SwitchBox.


Here is the Yellow Puffle when you pull the Yellow Lever:


You can also open and close the Lockers:


There are also new costumes. Lets take a breif look;


There is some construction going on at the IceBerg. And you may pick up a free miners helmet.


The project is gonna lift up Rockhoppers Ship. It will be asembled by next week. The giant pincer will pick it up and the machine will be controlling it.



Thats kinda all that has happened on Club Penguin.

Did i miss anything?


New Postcards!



And lastly, I might tell you how to make animations. Might not! Just wait and see.Take Care!



1. Mr Funguin © - February 8, 2008

I’m loving the animations!

2. barry759 - February 8, 2008

cool 😎

3. MrPenguin94 - February 8, 2008

Mr Funguin:
Can you please post this on my site please!!! It looks so COOOL!

x Eat It Up! x

4. Digidave74 - February 9, 2008

Yeh your animations are wicked, but im a bit unhappy because they brought back the mine hat which i have and is a rare item.

5. Waddle3773™ - February 9, 2008

Yeah!! Nice ones Mr F!

6. MrPenguin94 - February 9, 2008

No… i want you to post it again!!!

x Eat It Up! x

7. Graser 10 - February 9, 2008

SWEET POST! Love the animations 😉

8. Dljs - February 9, 2008

Dude wil you PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to make animations? I realy wanna have them on my wordpress and they look sooooo cool please respond in a comment at my site, http://dljs.wordpress.com cause i won’t remember to look back here unless it’s on my site please tell me!!!!! Thank you! And you make the animations SOOOO good!
Keep on Waddlin!~

9. Mr Funguin © - February 9, 2008

I might tell…

10. Oilersmyth - February 10, 2008

Hey Great Animations!!! I LOVVE looking at them they are so eye catching!

11. coolpengu - February 10, 2008

Hi Mr Funguin! Cooooool animations!

12. fylliper - February 10, 2008

Hi! As you may know I deleted my old site, but I have made an even better one! Please visit it at http://www.rainingwater.wordpress.com and spread the word about it!


13. Digidave74 - February 10, 2008

Scotland’s party was really fun, wasn’t it mr funguin?
But I bet your party can be just as good as scot’s party.

14. cyborg2190 - February 10, 2008

when did your site start?

15. sandystar45/65 - February 10, 2008

I CAN’T WAIT FOR UR PARTY!!! i will finnally get to meet u! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET YOU EVER SINCNE I FOUND OUT ABOUT U!!!! (i needa make a site!)

16. Mr Funguin © - February 10, 2008

Tommorow is the day!!!

As we speak, Mrs Funguin is picking out her outfit (Although she only has 1 particular outfit…)

17. barry759 - February 10, 2008

cant wait
the party will be a blast

18. Mr Funguin © - February 10, 2008

Yeah, you bet!

19. Oilersmyth - February 11, 2008

yeah! mr funguin, i want to bring you a gift, and so does everybody else!!!!


20. Oilersmyth - February 11, 2008

and mrs funguin a gift!!

21. Salmanchau! - February 11, 2008

Thanks for letting me copy your post.

22. Salmanchau! - February 11, 2008

Lol i cant come to your paty but at the same time i can cause im gonna be watching the party!

Its cool being your brother….

23. Mr Funguin © - February 11, 2008

Yeah Lol

24. coolpengu - February 11, 2008

I will go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. MrPenguin94 - February 11, 2008

Whoever sees this, PLEASE VISIT AND COMMENT MY SITE PLEASE!!! Thank-You!

x Eat It Up! x

26. Digidave74 - February 11, 2008

cant wait for your cracking party

27. Digidave74 - February 12, 2008

The party was amazing!!!

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