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New Newspaper January 31, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in General Talk, Newspaper.
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New Newspaper is out as the title says.

I’m sick, again. Lolz. Umm, im better than yesterday.

Theres an article about Rockhopper.


Good luck to him! He’s rowing away tommorow. Perhaps there will be a new change to the telescope where he’s rowing and looks at his boat.

Also, the clothing catalogue is out tommorow, and new pin. CP’s 53rd to be presice.

Ok, i guess you guys can read the whole newspaper without me telling you. Just log into cp.

Heres is an interesting fact.

Me and Ice Drills have the same Penguin age! Which also means we created our penguins on the same day! Recently we both turned 300 days. Lol.

Its cool.

Have your comments ever been posted on the cp blog?

A couple of mine have. One of them even got answered by Billybob! Here is the 1:




1. Digidave74 - January 31, 2008

Rockhopper will have a long journey back

2. cpstreaker22 - January 31, 2008

hey kewl site!!! but plz be sure to come check out mine and coment its {BLOCKED}

3. coolpengu - January 31, 2008

Hello! I just have a qquestion… Who on hell fixed rockhopper´s boat?

Mr Funguin Says: No one fixed it. It has sunken. He is gonna use a Row Boat he came in.

4. barry759 - January 31, 2008

yes first comment
my penguin is 160 days old
pretty young!

5. barry759 - January 31, 2008

compared to yours

6. coolpengu - February 1, 2008

Oh, and get well soon!!!!!!

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