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FIESTA! January 18, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Catalogues, Parties, Polls.


Today the fiesta was started.

Its kinda neat.

Theres a new pin.

You can find it in the same Pinata as last year, but in the Forest(Corrected by Sir Lemons).

Just shake the Pinata and it will drop.



Dont forget your maracas at the Night Club.

Theres not really anything special about this party, but the Swinging decor’s are kinda cool.


I love the Coffee Shop, the way its decorated!


You can walk over the steps on the Night Club.

Also, a new furniture catalogue has been released. Here they are.


Also, keep taking the Poll!

Take my poll!

Did you guys think the Rockhopper Incident has somehing to do with the new mission? Well i did.

Billybob explained it on the blog

” I can tell you that this is NOT connected to the mission, it has to do with some fun events happening next month!”

The mission is coming out soon. I guess Monday, or soon.


There will also be a new change to the CP Blog.

Thats all. Take Care.



1. Digidave2008 - January 18, 2008

ariba ariba lol. fiesta is great.
do you ever have cp parties, Mr Funguin?

2. Mr Funguin © - January 18, 2008

Well i do. It’s been a really long time since my last one. I’m going to have one soon to celebrate 2 things. Keep watching the site for more info.

It should be quite a BLAST!

3. iceyflake31 - January 18, 2008

Lol, you have a nice webste!! 🙂

4. Waddle3773 - January 19, 2008

Hey Mr Funguin,

I think on one of the posts, you said something about Sir Lemons posting something…

When will he post the thing? Sorry for asking.. 😦


Mr Funguin Says: Umm, I gotta ask him.

5. mohd222 - January 19, 2008

Nice post u did well on the animations! Keep it up dude!
cya =)

6. ~Redguy2000~ - January 19, 2008

Hey, I joined your forums! 🙂


7. Mr Funguin © - January 19, 2008


8. Graser 10 - January 19, 2008

Love the fiesta!

9. coolpengu - January 19, 2008

Hi Mr Fun!
Grandiosa fiesta! Me encanta la decoracion y todo!
How are you? My mini-plushies are famous =D lol
Comment back!


10. Waddle3773™ (Wormza™) - January 20, 2008


Nice header Mr Funguin!! =) Attractive!! =D

Hey, can I ask, do you wanna be editor or something to help out with the updates while I’m gone?


Mr Funguin Says: Yep…

11. GyroHog - January 20, 2008

Cool Header mr.fun!

Are you trying to make the headers better than all the ones I release or is that a coincidence?

Mr Funguin Says: I reckon its a coincidence Alpine i mean GyroHog!

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