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Is it a bird or a plane? Nope it’s RH! January 16, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Events, Rockhopper!.

Heyyo! Whats cooking!!


I went on Ice Drills blog (On the blogroll) and i saw his SWF link of the telescope.

The Rock hit his ship and damaged it. He sank a bit. He then went into his paddle boat.

Here is the Ani.


Gosh, they love making stories with things which never could have existed.

Maybe the iceberg tip rumour will come true. Maybe he wont bring items this visit…


Next, The Billybob reveals himself over on his fake blog.

Things could be delayed.

I have a poll for you and you can take it here:
Take my poll!

Also, on Thursday, Sir Lemons will post about something. So Sir Lemons, You have the Ok signal from me 😉



1. Mr Funguin © - January 16, 2008

What will Sir Lemons be writing?? Find out Tommorow!
I cant wait to see what happens in the telescope on friday!!

2. nightmare90 - January 17, 2008

Hey Mr Funguin,
I was wondering if you could post for me on my blog on Thursday and Friday.
This coment was made on Wednesday.

-Nightmare 90

P.S. Thanks!

Mr Funguin Says: Ok, Sure. 😀

3. Waddle3773™ (Wormza™) - January 17, 2008

Cool, can’t wait!

4. Pear24 - January 17, 2008

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