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New Stuff & Sorry, & Weird. January 14, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


I see the new page has got everyone interested! Trust me, the next part will be amazing.

Thanks to Sir Lemons for playing Mrs Funguin! 😉

My membership has eventually expired and im going to be a Non-Member for the next few weeks until something good happens. No point wasting my money… Hehe…

Umm. What was  going to say??

Oh yes,

I was disconnected from the internet and MSN, and randomly, i went in to my Documents. I found unwanted files. There were over 1 thousand.

Here it is:


I was like  :O

So maybe this is the cause of my computers bad behaiviour.

Anyway, The new storage feature in CP is out.

And credit goes to Fotis01 for this Image, as im not a member:


It looks Cool.

Next –

I guess most of you were waiting for the i-Stox launch.

I’m sorry to say you guys will have to wait 2 more days. On Thursday.

The new day is THURSDAY,

And i’m in a different time zone than you so it may appear late or early. CPCC, you will use your passwords for it.

Anywayz, I’d better go and scan my computer and things.

Take Care.



1. Digidave74 - January 14, 2008

I like the new furniture organiser! It must have been very weird for you.

Mr Funguin Says; Yep.

2. coolpengu - January 15, 2008

Yay!! I-stox, I-stox, I-stox! lol
I love the new way of organising furniture!!
It iis awesome! It is very usefull for people
who aren´t very tidy and ordered (like me 😛 )
How was your weekend? i hope that excellent!


Mr Funguin Says: My weekend wasn’t excellent… It was, AWESOME!!

3. mohd222 - January 15, 2008

Nice post funguin =)
http://www.mohd222.wordpress.com 😉
take care!

4. Alpine Bear - January 15, 2008

Here’s a tip for cleaning up ur my docs folder,

google ccleaner (crap cleaner) and download it! Run it and see how much it can delete.

All it deletes is rubbish (hence the name)

5. malvis - January 15, 2008

Ya! Its so cool!

8) Malvis Cooldude 8)

6. Queen Cola - January 15, 2008

can you put me on your blogroll plz! i come to your site almost everyday and i think its soooooooooo cool! thnx for the things about the play too. again plz put me on your blogrool cause your own my again plz put me on your blogroll

7. Ice - January 16, 2008

tmp files are the files u acctually copy paste. if u prin screen and paste it somewhere it would be a tmp file. its weird it went on ur documents. a n unexpected infected trojan maybe?

8. Mr Funguin © - January 16, 2008

Yer i think so, thanks for the info. I cant actually open My Docs, and My Computer anymore, so thats kinda a mess… Also, i ran the virus scan almost each day and every few hours or so, and at one time it found 56 virus. It was a Trojan Horse Back Door – Lol.The number is down now.

Grrrr, all i need is a new pc, but my isnt too keen on it – Dont ask why 🙄

9. Ice - January 18, 2008

that happened for having ur firewall to low and internet connection 2
and u need to update ur anti virus signature

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