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CP MSN and *Update* January 3, 2008

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


My pc is breaking down and its not nice1 My punctuation marks aren’t working well. And it beeps very weirdly. And the mouse doesn’t work sometimes.

 The list goes on.




Currently, im busy backing up files and doing things.

I will be looking for people to help me.

Also, i cant upload pictures. Im very sorry.


When my pc isnt tired, ill post properly.


This is Billybobs MSN, which was sent to me.


Add it – To Yahoo, or MSN.

I dunno if its real. I think it is, because hes giving real and true info.



1. coolpengu - January 3, 2008

Lol. I understund you, my other PC is from the dinosaurs age so it is very slow and it is a “virus hotel” because it is fiull of virus….
Anyway i use an other comoputer.. 😉



2. mohd222 - January 4, 2008

dont advertise it! He will be busy and wont answer us :S

3. ninjaboy1 - January 4, 2008

i made a site with snowdobby i will still run my old site 😉
My old : http://www.ninjaboy1.wordpress.com
New : http://www.snowninja.wordpress.com

~~~Ninja boy1~~~ comment on both plz

4. Waddle3773™ (Wormza™) - January 4, 2008

Lol, Billybob-support. How weird! There was this email sent to me with support_team@clubpenguin.com! How weird! So Hamustar and Billybob have MSN!!! ….must be a hacker..

Yeah, you should save the files. Could be dangerous to delete…

Chat to ya soon!

The Coolios,

(hope you get your new computer up and running quick! Thats coool!)

5. Digidave74 - January 4, 2008

Its sad that. I know how you feel Mr Funguin.

6. shanti - January 4, 2008

Your site is amazing, really really amazing Mr Funguin!

This is going to be a very long comment, but I wish to inform you of a matter very close to my heart:

The Yellow Puffle People Petition
A petition for a yellow puffle for non-members – please sign below with your penguin name and we will send it to club penguin. Please could you tell every penguin you know about the Yellow Puffle People and our petition. The last petition we sent in for a yellow puffle resulted in the furry animal coming to CP. If we collect enough signatures then we believe there is a very great chance that club penguin will listen and we will acheive our aim – a yellow puffle for everyone!
1. willowpus
2. pingoley
3. tjukke bolla
4. oj pengy
5. samoth
6. flippiefly
7. rachey roo
8. yellow crown
9. hodmandod
10. ak596
11. cinamonging
12. biff squish
13. fogeyfossil
14. funi huni
15. pengoley
16. rugby try
17. bolla tjukke
18. durple
19. muppetz
20. Dialga7677
21. baseball 9000
22. cooltiger413
23. poppiesrock
24. jwo7o4
25. party222
26. purrpell9
27. lolzzz jorellij101
28. iyapot
29. airelewanuva
30. ceifer13
31. Grtreo1
32. penguin1623032
33. vases
34. mantaray098
35. tornado77123
36. mrspoynterx
37. nemo375
38. Snowsnicket
39. Eolly
40. 007hoppy
41. anne000
42. bennyhenny
43. bligj
44. blossom5566
45. bluedaisy
46. bubblyellie
47. claybishop
48. cydneypink
49. dale pie
50. divardly
51. duddette5
52. durple123
53. 88ufoi
54. ando17
55. bolla tjukke
56. buzzy222
57. chewybeak
58. durpla123
59. dusper
60. mitzym00
61. jellybeanz
62. Jlomax
63. pingo347
64. pinguletta
65. pog 55
66. sash30
67. wombleduck
68. zigikata
69. zjaske
70. zsuzsuri
71. fabsof11
72. flappi
73. flora jones
74. fogstar
75. funlovin
76. gjones
77. gobb19
78. gratia
79. high tension
80. hippie 101
81. honeybubble
82. inkstniked
83. jag dude
84. jasmin2004
85. jlomax
86. kiki1453
87. kiwiuks
88. konsta99
89. ladylcd
90. laura 1234
91. lazla 007
92. lfcelegends
93. lil range
94. lilyo45
95. littohdude
96. lola gurl
97. loump320
98. madadee
99. madguitarist
100. mammylee
101. marien15
102. marine hip
103. marty91
104. mary100
105. mayiyu
106. me luv andy
107. mercern
108. mkpjnoo
109. mro98
110. mrhelmate
111. mrs 20
112. nasha95
113. oddmadodd
114. pink slushe
115. pinklinka10
116. pinkberry345
117. pinkdoo
118. pjatte
119. ponds007
120. poppet101
121. power jess
122. ppppolly
123. prettyfish27
124. purple phebz
125. purplerox477
126. red wellies
127. redy roo
128. rockupingu
129. rosy roo
130. scoosh64
131. solsjin
132. sope97
133. spikey107
134. staar101
135. staryfergie
136. stevo64
137. sweetstravry
138. tj hattue
139. trickey2006
140. twoz
141. vilrosoux
142. wellyboots20
143. wilmsy jr
144. wooooopie
145. xluvpurplex
146. ardina

Thank you for signing our petition!
Willow x (willowpus the chairman of the Yellow Puffle People)

I realise as I am not sending you the original document so you cannot sign, is it possible for you to visit our site http://www.yellowpuffle.blogspot.com and leaving your penguin name in the comments so we can add you that way.

Thank you sorry to trouble you, please would anyone else that reads this do like wise and pass this message on to anyone you know that uses Club Penguin?

Thanks! Sorry to bother you!

Willow xx

7. Alpine Bear - January 6, 2008

Please can we not jump to the conclusion that it is me who is wreaking havoc! Im currently busy doing other things and havent been sending files to anyone for sometime,

just wanted to point that out!


8. Alpine Bear - January 6, 2008

Computer mess up,

Happened to me once. I sat there for days installing backup files running virus checkers and hammering in dos commands….
I know how you feel…..

Hope you get ur new pc soon!

(thanks for billybob email tip&blog!)


9. Rattybor - January 6, 2008

Well my computer dosent have such a good keyboard, So i have many spelling mistakes, it has a broken screen so i gotta connect it to another, and used to crash alot.

10. Waddle3773™ (Wormza™) - January 7, 2008


You know that Billybob thing? I found a program that they might have used!!

It’s for MSN ONLY, so you can register ANY email you want, only for MSN. It’s like a hack, quite cool… but… strange. It was made by Thomisback I think.

On his site, purecheating.com. Its called REGISTER ANY EMAIL so, it could be fake. (all these Club Penguin emails)

Check it out when you’ve got the time people!!

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