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So. You want to join the CPCC, eh? December 24, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Admin, CPCC.

Heyyo! (Change of word, “Hey” is too old now)

I have made changes to the CPCC joining method. It is kind of ike Chewit Dudes, but its a bit easier.

Here is the new method:

1. Register on my forums: http://mrfunguin.forumotion.com/
2. Be on the forum for at least 2 weeks and have a reasonable amount of posts .

3. PM me asking to join. Here

3. I will see your progress and i will be in touch.

You mustn’t PM me on the first day. Only after a week. But you must have posts posted too.




If you are already a member of CPCC, you should still join the forums, because you get 5 stox a day when you post.



1. penguin350 - December 24, 2007

I would like to join but I dont know anything about forums.

I don’t know how to join or post even. Could you tell me because I would like to join CPCC.

Well Bye!

-Nightmare 90

Mr Funguin Says: Cool Nightmare, you got 2 logins? Ok, so you go here to register: http://mrfunguin.forumotion.com/profile.forum?mode=register and just post on threads.

2. nightmare90 - December 24, 2007

Awww man I hate that glitch!


-Nightmare 90

Mr Funguin Says: Which glitch? Oh when you post it makes you penguin350 or something…

3. Mr Funguin © - December 24, 2007

Anyway, I-stox, is due to start in the new year. But you can start earning by joining!

4. nightmare90 - December 24, 2007


It says it ownt let me register on that forum.

Also could you please make me a header like you did with Redguy’s.
I sent an e-mail.

-Nightmare 90

P.S. I dont have two accounts its a glitch. Sometimes when I make a comment it shows up as Penguin350.

Mr Funguin Says: Oh! I thought that was the glitch. Sure, ill make you a header. But i didnt get an email. It wont let you register? Ill check into it.

5. Oilersmyth - December 24, 2007

Same! I’m Born in 1998 and Another Person wants to join and he is born in 1997. It does’nt allow me when i am 10! And My friend 11!

Mr Funguin Says: You didn’t activate your account. I activated it from the back. You can login now.

6. Mr Funguin © - December 24, 2007

Ah, i fixed the thing which wont let you sign up. The minimum age was restricted to “12”. It is now “7”

Please make you activate your accounts.If you cant find the email, and it has been 2 days, ask me, and i’ll activate it from behind.

7. nightmare90 - December 24, 2007

Ok thanks Mr Funguin.

I will aslo try to register again.

-Nightmare 90

8. dogdude9717 - December 28, 2007

it wont let me man

ps email is dogduderox@hotmail.com

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