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Coming Soon December 16, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Events.


Heres a little heads up about whats coming soon:

  • New Animations
  • New videos
  • New pictures
  • New mission for the CPCC
  • i-Stox for the CPCC

And lots more!

You’ll jump for joy with everything!

Just watch each little change happen…



1. Salmanchau! - December 16, 2007

I cant wait!
Its going to be cool, and you kno in the ski village and docks? Theres boucing tubes? do an ani of those!

2. Digidave74 - December 16, 2007

looking forward to it 😎

3. Mr Funguin © - December 16, 2007

Salmanchau: Yer, i know! I cant do those.

4. tampos - December 16, 2007


5. Digidave74 - December 16, 2007

I’ve been wondering…
Rockhopper hasn’t came to Club Penguin in a while.
Maybe his ship has broke or something. 🙄
I hope he comes back soon. 😦

Mr Funguin Says: He comes every 2 months. His next visit is probably this December or January!

6. Waddle3773 - December 17, 2007

Hey that’s cool.

Will you email us the password when the CPCC I stox is ready?

Mr Funguin Says: The password will be the same, i put up a different one to prepare it!

7. vleorapter - December 18, 2007

mr funguin,alpine quit!!!!!!!! yes sweet she got punkend

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