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Break With A Bang. December 13, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in General Talk, Newspaper, RL.


I had a lovely break and a fantastic day! But my day ended real sad.

My form tutor (Class Teacher) might be leaving. He has been with my class for just over 3 years, and hes now leaving soon. I think i was his “Favourite Student” cos i bought him a gift for the end of the year, and i was always good to him, even if the others wern’t. He let us go home quick, and didnt mind if we were aout 5 minutes late. He told us the sad news day after school and i broke into tears. 😦 So did some other people and him. We must have spent 10 minutes crying! Aww…

Oh well, i cant change this. I will miss him alot 🙂 I dont want him to leave, but im gonna give him a BIG present.

I’ll tell you what happened next, when it happens. I hope nothing Happens. 😉 But there is a chance.

Sigh. Lets move on.

New newspaper in cp and its ok. I dont feel like posting about it, cos im tired But here goes –

  • Aunt Arctic talks about pins and things.
  • Coins For Change starts tommarow. You just gotta donate coins to various booths.
  • Igloo contest starts too.
  • Theres gonna be a new production called the “Twelfth Fish”


Lol, its my worst edit! Its dark!

Also, my membership expired and i cant get into certain servers.

Thats All,

Take Care. 😉



1. Mr Funguin © - December 13, 2007

Please dont go Sir! (We call him that)
Stay! 😥
He will always be in heart. I guess we all gotta leave him 1 day, and it has to be soon.

Anyway, i didnt feel like posting today, but i did!
Oh yer, i heard Waddle3773 is moving school,

What a tie! A sad moment for Waddle and a sad moment for me! Hmm.

2. 8penguindude - December 13, 2007

kool site 😎

3. Redguy2000 - December 13, 2007


I have advertised you site in my latest post, check it out!


Mr Funguin Says: Thanks!

4. Digidave74 - December 13, 2007

cool site Mr Funguin. I saw you at Scotland528’s party 😀
Wanna be friends?

Mr Funguin Says: Cool! I saw you too! Sure, lets be friends.

5. Digidave74 - December 13, 2007

I hope your teacher will stay. My teacher, who is a man, is very funny.
If you are late for school, you have to say why you were late.

Mr Funguin Says: Yer, My teacher lets you off! But after 4 times late, he will punish you softly. Like detain us.

6. Oilersmyth - December 13, 2007

Aww! It’s Ok! :happy: I once had a Teacher who left and he always gave us something we like. I have had the same experience!!

7. MrPenguin94 - December 13, 2007

do you draw the pictures yourself?

Mr Funguin Says: Nope, i edit them.

8. Digidave74 - December 15, 2007

When do you want to meet me then?

Mr Funguin Says: I dont know! You decide…

9. Digidave74 - December 16, 2007

how about Monday 17th December

Time: 6.00pm english time

Server: Brumby, Australia

Place: The Dojo

Mr Funguin Says: Ok, Looking forward to it!

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