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Newspaper! & CFC! December 6, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Newspaper, Parties, Solved.


The newspaper has been released today, and its ok.

Theres a page about the yellow puffle and the Christmas party which is next week.


The newspaper talks about the exit of the Alien stage set and costume, and its new repacement.

And theres a contest. I’ll try to enter.


Last night, Sir Lemons and myself found out a few things about the 2 penguins on their computers, on the “Whats new” section of the CP Site.

Here are our theories:


We can tell its Rsnail cos he has a Snail with a Rocket on it. RocketSnail = RSnail.

We can tell it ScreenHog because he has a Ground Hog with a Screen in it = ScreenHog.

Theres a girls picture with Screenhog. Is it his… GirlFriend? Lol…


I opened the new page. Its called “Interest”

To find it, go to the “Pics” page and it’ll be in SubPages.


Click more to find out more…


Coins For Change starts next week…

Club Penguin has dedicated $1 million real dollars to give away, but you will be able to use your coins to say where it goes.  When the program starts on December 14th, you will be able to decide between three different places to give your coins.  You can give to just one, or all three, its up to you.  At the end, we will figure out how many coins went to each group and the real money will be given to them. So if we ive like 100 coins altogether, 100 real dollers will be donated.

Real Coins will be Changed into real Dollers.

Various booths around the Island will be the place to donate coins.



1. Greenman Dot - December 6, 2007

huh? I don’t get the last bit about the girl picture

Mr Funguin Says: On the picture of 2 penguins, the Bottom penguin has a picture of a real girl.

2. Greenman Dot - December 6, 2007

Oh, thanks! I just made a wordpress.com account…can you please come to my blog?

3. coolpengu - December 6, 2007

Your have made a great job! I would never have noticed about that. You are very cool Mr funguin and sir lemons!! You can make a part of the site with all wird things of CP, i´m sure that you will put very interesting things!! and another thing, which is sir lemon´s site?

Mr Funguin Says: Hehe! His site is on the Blogroll!

4. MrPenguin94 - December 6, 2007

can i put this on my site???

Mr Funguin Says: Put what?

5. MrPenguin94 - December 6, 2007

this post

Mr Funguin Says: Not really.

6. Greenman Dot - December 6, 2007

Dear Mr Funguin,

thanks for visiting my blog, for being 1st comment ever, I added you to my blogroll!

7. sweatyangel - December 7, 2007

Under the picture of Coins For Change, it says It is start tomorrow! It is starting on December 14 not tomorrow. Tomorrow is December 7. LOL

Mr Funguin Says: BIG OOPS! I got confused. I’ts changed now!

8. Disney An Cp - December 8, 2007

Wow good you are right about the Screen hog and Rocket snail

9. Santa_SpOrTsBoY - December 20, 2007

good therie

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