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Orange Puffles? & Spam & Winner… December 3, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Puffles, Winners.


Are Orange puffles coming?


This picture was taken by OILERSMYTH by the Booth.

If it is true, maybe they will be a christmas gift!I updated the spinney form and it is ready to use, and because people dont undertstand the fact of “No Commenting” I simply turned commenting off, from the Page.

I think we may need a new theme. I’m just having a look, else we’ll keep this one.

I feel better now 🙂 and im going school tommarrow! 😦 lol.

And no Alpine, i wasn’t bunking or skiving as you suggested. 🙄



With a total of 89 comments, very likely!

I’ll contact you.


Who wants to see Alpines new evidence? Here it is:



Here is the IP adress of Emannuel Pantelidous:

I just wanted to advertise a few sites today:

Oilersmyth – www.oilersmyth7.wordpress.com

Redguy2000 – www.redguy2000cp.wordpress.com

Jisell34 – www.jisell34rokks.wordpress.com

Cool Pengu – www.coolpengu.wordpress.com

And you can advertise your site on THIS post ONLY.



1. acebrett - December 3, 2007

is that an edit? and can i be on your blogroll ill add you to mine http://www.acebrett.wordpress.com

Mr Funguin Says: Its not a edit , i picked it up from Oilersmyths site and i havnt actually seen him although i waiting for 30 minutes…

2. Dudeikoff - December 3, 2007

Nah, they wouldn’t come out right after Yellow Puffles. Cool picture though! Wanna be on my blogroll, this site is awesome!

Mr Funguin Says: They can, and thanks! And Ok!

3. Oilersmyth - December 4, 2007

Wow! My cousin found it while I was at the Bathroom. Mabey he’s lieing but i am quite he is not. If he is, I’ll be very sorry. Hopffully , it’s ture and i am sure it is

4. Waddle3773™ - December 4, 2007

Cool! First yellow puffles, now.. ORANGE? I wonder if it is true. Well, we’ll just have to wait and seeeee!

Heh Heh Heh..

5. Alpine Bear (not logged in!) - December 4, 2007

The image doesnt look very convincing, it wouldnt be hard to edit a orange puffle in…

but CP have been saying they have some cool stuff for xmas…

Maybe, we will just have to find out!

6. Redguy2000 - December 4, 2007

Hey, thanks for advertiesing my blog.

7. Jisell34 - December 4, 2007


8. Jisell34 - December 4, 2007

thats ok if i didnt win im already a member its fair enough

9. Oilersmyth - December 4, 2007

There’s a spelling Mistake in my site and THANKS!!

Mr Funguin Says: Oops! Yer, sorry. Now you can say “There WAS a mistake…” 🙂

10. Oilersmyth - December 5, 2007

IT”S TRUE! I SAW IT AGAIN!! Or mabey CP just tricked us!! They would never do that but mabey I said MABEY they did. I know they would not.

11. jisell34rokks - December 5, 2007

aww u have to go to school! lol

Mr Funguin Says: I still felt like dropping!!

12. Waddle3773™ - December 5, 2007


Well done Oiler!! =D You won the contest!! Haha!! Free membership for you today!! WOOT!! How exciting!

I would be excited too if I were you!! Congrats once again!

Wow, I just visited the dentist today, and whoop.. I feel like I’m slipping off the hill on my chair… how weird..

It won’t really be hard to edit the puffle, you could use Photoshop and alot of other programs.

13. Salmanchau! - December 5, 2007

Hello Everyone!
Mr.Funguin ROCKS!
Have you seen his pics page?
Visit my site too.

14. Salmanchau! - December 5, 2007

you rock

15. nightmare90 - December 5, 2007

Hey Mr Funguin,

On Friday I will be gone so could you please post the new stuff on my blog from Friday please. Thank you.

~Nightmare 90

And please visit http://nightmare90.wordpress.com

Mr Funguin Says: Yup, sure.

16. Braxton6 © - December 5, 2007

can i be on this site? my email is michelle9491@charter.net

17. Oilersmyth - December 5, 2007

That’s cool and guys, thanks for the congrats

18. pukalicous - December 6, 2007

Guys. Club Penguin is getting really boring and Im tired of wasting my time posting all this new crap about Cp. It takes up my whole day. Whats the point of being famous on Cp? My time has come to an end. If I dont get 15000 hits by next wedsneday, I will surely quit my blog and you wont see me on so much. So spread the word about my site because 63 hits a day is sad. Guys Im sorry to tell you this news , but I have other things to do with my life. I dont get people who always get on Cp and try to get famous when theres no point in being famous. So get those hits before time runs out! http://www.pukalicous.wordpress.com


19. acebrett - December 7, 2007

please put me on your blogroll http://www.acebrett.wordpress.com or could i be an admin on this site

20. acebrett - December 7, 2007

i know how he has done it its easy all he did was take his puffle out for a walk and gone behind the tour booth took a picture then put it into paint and coloured it orange lol im smart so may i be on your blogroll or be an admin.

21. sweatyangel - December 9, 2007

Mr Funguin’s site ROCKS!
My site is cool too!
It has lots of cheats like Mr Funguin does!
Visit my site
I hope you enjoy seeing my site!
Sweatyangel 😉

22. Mr Funguin © - December 9, 2007

Yer, But if you went up a bit, i had a post to let you advertise?
Lol, nevermind.

23. James Maxwell - December 14, 2007

Hi please email me back because i don’t no where the booth is on clubpenguin

24. Oilersmyth - November 21, 2012

Still waiting for my membership… LOL!!!!

25. Oilersmyth - April 10, 2013

And we keep on waiting… waiting… waiting for my membership!

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