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What day is it? & + more! November 28, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in ALERT, Club Penguin, Suprises.


Who can tell me what day it will be in 2 days from now?


Thats right! FRIDAY!

Whats gonna happen on friday?

Thats Right!


I have worked really hard and i have taken extreme lengths to bring you just 1 page.

It may not seen much when you see it, but you do not know what i have done to bring it to you. I’m very sure you’ll love. But some others wont like it.

Remember i was asking you to name a few them tunes? It was a special movie!

The Movie has been leaked. I didnt want you to watch it, but you can always find what you want on youtube and it has been watched. Not very nice.

I think yellow puffles are due on friday too.



This christmas cp want to do something a little bit better, than anything they’ve EVER done.

Starting in December, the coins you earn can be donated to poorer people. Its called coins for change and this is what BB says:

“A total of $1 million dollars will be donated to actual organizations and you get to decide where it goes! By donating your Club Penguin coins in game, you’ll be able to help kids around the world, help kids who are sick, and help the environment.”


Go to the CP Blog 4 more info!


Please rate my new video ender:


Edited in later by Sir Lemons>

We now know who stole the content(the video). It was the hacker penguin, Alpine Bear. Just watching the video before release date is ‘Content stealing for personal use’ but downloading is ‘Stealing’. I am disgusted about the way the Alpine acted when he was accused of watching it. He said: “I downloaded it too. You can’t do anything about it!”. I am outraged as the war goes on!



1. Mr Funguin © - November 28, 2007

Please rate the video like this:

On a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the best.
I love CC! Hope you’ll love it too!

2. sirlemons - November 28, 2007

7.25/10 or in other words(percentages) 72.5%

3. Oilersmyth - November 28, 2007

90% Is what i think it should be

Mr Funguin Says: Urm, i said on a scale of 1 to 10 Clearly above! Did you mean – 0.9?

4. Oilersmyth - November 28, 2007

And that’s COol. I’ll open mine on Saturday.

5. Ty245 - November 28, 2007

i rate it……………………………. 7.86

6. MrPenguin94 - November 29, 2007

Dear Anyone;

I am having a contest on my site called The Stylish. I would like you to enter it. If you do want to enter, e-mail me the link to your club penguin penguin picture and I will rate it. Send me the picture at yakkityyak41@aol.com . And please visit my site and comment it. http://mrpenguin94.wordpress.com

~Mr Penguin94

7. Oilersmyth - November 29, 2007

oops! I mean 10/10

8. jisell34rokks - November 29, 2007

hey if alphine does something really bad, like hack ur computer, or destroy ur computer, call the police, cos cyper bullying is against the law, and his parents will get areested for him letting him have a computer that does such things.
o ya and ur video is 10/10 good job

9. Mr Funguin © - November 29, 2007

You are right, but i got a block 😉
Oh and dont worry!
Next time he does something you and everyone else, wont be the only people knowing about it.

If you know who i mean…

10. Im Mr.FUGUINS FAN! - November 29, 2007

10/10 For the video Mr.Funguin! Your so cool!

11. Waddle3773™ - November 30, 2007

Whoa whoa whoa!!

12. Waddle3773™ - November 30, 2007

That video deserves a great 10/10.

13. Waddle3773™ - November 30, 2007

Oh.. man… I haven’t been on the computer for 2 days, now I’m stuck with reading all your latest posts, they are all so interesting!!! OMG


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