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Newspaper! #110 November 22, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Newspaper, Puffles, Questions..
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The newspaper this week is cool!

Theres news about the yellow puffle! I think the yellow puffle’s personality is “CREATIVE!” Hes painting and rolling in paint in the newspaper:


Lol, dont copy my pictures, i’ve seen them on other sites.


And the party starts tommarow!


We already know what it is, its the WESTERN party.  I know this because on the Club Penguin poll Western was winning. I’m actually glad its Western, cos i started Club Penguin during the summer party! I didn’t know about free items so i missed that 1!

I hope the picture above and in the newspaper is a clue to the free item. I think it may be Cowboy boots. I also think it will be a Neckercheif and a Lasso. It’ll be cool to have Boots as a free item because, when my membership expires i can wear boots with my non-member outfit. I dont have the Buckle/Bucanner/Rockhopper boots!

I cant wait!

In other News:

CPCC is no longer accepting requests to join for now. I got enough agents to worry about! I think i’ll start them again in January.

Also, Keep commenting your favourite TV Theme tune! I really need to know them! You’ll find out why soon.



1. Mr Funguin © - November 22, 2007

Cant wait for the party!

2. vleorapter - November 23, 2007

the party is so not cool

Mr Funguin Says: Yer, you’re right!

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