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RH Returns! + Yellow Puffle November 9, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in General Talk, Puffles, Questions., Rockhopper!.


I got lots of things to tell you, so just for this post, i wont use pictures.

Rockhopper is back and hes brought some cool items!

He thought of the Non members and brought them a Helmet of their own! Go Rockhopper!

Red Pirate Dress: 450 coins

Snapshot Background: 60 Coins

Furniture Wave Item: 75 Coins

Winged Helmet – FREE ITEM

New Pin:

 The new pin is in the DANCE LOUNGE.

The new pin is a UFO, Formally known as –

Unidentified Flying Object.

The plaza “Room” Is almost complete.

From what i gather, it’ll be a space ROOM! When you move your mouse over the room door, it makes a sound. And the pin is from space.

WOW! Space hits Club Penguin!

Curently there are tube lights n the front. When they have a name, the nam will be put in front. The light will shine though! Awesome! Its great to watch a room being made.

And this answers Rachael717’s question!

The blank Tv in the HQ is for this room!


As you know, my penguin has been banned till further notice. I have formally created a new penguin!

His name is Mr Fun 94.

Why was that name chosen? Well,

People generally call me “Fun” or “Mr Fun” And i was born in the year 1994.

Aww! Its not fun being a new non member. Its like learning to write!

Hopefully Mr Funguin will be unbanned. Alpine Bear is a strong Suspect.

The yellow puffle has been spotted again!

You can see him on top of the new building every 15 minutes.

Thats according to this times:









Ok, and finally –

I’d like to advertise a great site which is fairly new and awesome!


He is a geat help to me and he made this header above for me. Thanks again Waddle!



Alpine is a strong suspect  as mentioned before. He is giving away my information. Some of it is False. Like my surname is not Line. And the “I” in my email does not stand for my first name.

Here is what Alpine wrote about me on his site:





I created a great way to get free membership. It wont get you banned.

Just click the link below.


1. Mr Funguin © - November 9, 2007

Yes, some great news and some unfortunate news.
Alpine Bear is strongly a suspect. Read below as you will find out why.

And, Thanks to Waddle for everything!

2. Waddle3773 - November 10, 2007

=) Thanks Mr Funguin! No problem!! I could make you a new header again if you want, since you’re my really good friend.

..Oh no, that’s… wrong to hear… your penguin was banned??!! Did it get hacked or something? But, you can always cancel your membership and use it for the new NON MEMBER..

Sadly, Waddle3773 was banned in MAY… FOREVER!!! And that was my FIRST ban ever!! It was a non member with really… sorta rare items.. my first ever item was from the Summer Party – Yellow Ducky and Orange Floaties!

😦 But luckly i’ve made Wad3773! =)

Well anyway, thanks for helping me out and commenting and everything!! You rock!

Waddle3773 :mrgreen:

3. mohd222 - November 10, 2007

i dont get it! lol

4. vleorapter - November 10, 2007

sorry to nag u just u never let me in your club

(p.s alpine bear is a dumb wirdeo aka she sucks)

5. Alpine Bear - November 10, 2007

its true. your name is irfan line. It was on your start button.

6. Mr Funguin © - November 10, 2007

Waddle3773: Yep, my penguin was banned, and Alpine Bear is a suspect, as he has hacked me before. Above this comment he has written “It was on your start button.” So this proves he hacked me and went on my start menu! And you also ROCK!

Mohd222: What dont you get/understand?!

Vleorapter: I sent you an email confirming your request. I’ll send the password shortly. Check the email you sent to me. It is there, i sent it!

Alpine Bear: My name is Irfan, but my surname is not line. Please stop giving out false evidence.

7. vleorapter - November 10, 2007

can u send it agin it is not on my computer and not on my mums computer aswell

8. vleorapter - November 12, 2007

alpine get out of mr funguins site u haker

9. TheMZ - November 16, 2007

Hacker, ho, what a joke. Must have got his IP address and just used some free WhoIS serviece. I can’t belive anyone can be such a stupid person to waste his time ruining somebody else’s game in CLUB PENGUIN! I mean, it would have made more sense if she’d attempt to report him in a game like WoW… By the way, I refuse to belive she really is a girl. Must be some 40 years old guy who is still a virgin, attempting to seduce young children to his home in Utah. Get a life, Butt-Bear.

10. green26gangstas - December 5, 2007

yah ithink your cool mr. fun. Sooo…. see ya! go to http://www.green26gangstas.wordpress.com

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