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Exciting News! October 30, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Questions., Suprises.


I spent the whole of yesterday trying to connect to the Internet! It was frustrating. We called them and they said that they’re installing something! Why did they pick Monday to do that?


Due to this, i’ve been slowed down. Believe it or not, i actually have 21 emails waiting to be read!

I’m working as fast as i can to do all spinneys and answer all queries. Im also changing things around, but this wont be done till Christmas.

Talking of Christmas,

I’m planning on doing something extra this Christmas. If you want to know What it is, you will see in the first few weeks of November! It’s really exciting!! 🙂 All i can say, its going to be greater than a hand knitted sweater! Lol. – Maybe not.

 I’ve added and im adding some more cool things to the HH page.  I was hopeing to do it yesterday. 🙄

Starting NOW, all new posts will have hidden links. These links may link you anywhere! Like, Google, Ask, And fun links. Some links are annoying. They are meant to annoy! See the 1st video on the HH Page for more info.



1. Mr Funguin © - October 30, 2007

Yes, i got Christmas exclusive stuff coming up!
You will love it!!!!!!
Keep watching. It will come clear In the first week of November.

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