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HH Officially Open! + Newspaper October 25, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Treats.


I opened the Halloween Horror Page today!

It’s Awesome to me.

1 person got silly and tired fo waiting and decided to pay a visit and spam. So, im showing that persons IP: 159.632.147.852  . Yer, use that wisely guys. If you click the IP, You can find out all kinds of info!

I live in London, UK,  not anywhere else! I can only do things according to my time zone (GMT)

So dont do that again 159.632.147.852 . I found out who it is. It’s none other than Ms Lola.


Enjoy what i have instore for you, and dont forget my party!

So have another cup of Cream Soda and enjoy!  

Invite should be here:————->

Isn’t it good? 3 parties in a row! Anniversary Party, then My party, then the halloween party!


The newspaper is also out!

The Halloween party is tommarow!


Upcoming Events:
Oct 26:
>> Halloween Party
– Dress up in your favourite costumes
>> New pin hidden

Nov 2:
>> Clothing catalog

Nov 9:
>> New pin hidden

Nov 16:
>> New furniture catalog



1. Waddle3773 - October 25, 2007

Cool, I saw the page! It’s GREAT!! Yeah.. why do people go all crazy just cause they’re bored and stuff.. They don’t know how to wait for things, pretty impatient… I can’t deal with these people.

Lol good “punishing” way – showing the IP to people!! I DO NOT like spam.. especially when they people purposly do it… 😦

I’ll be checking out the party!

2. Salmanchau - October 25, 2007

I love your igloo!
you should always tell the IP of spammers. The Hallween Horror page is wicked. I love the games!

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