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Idea’s Needed October 21, 2007

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Redguy2000 is going to open a Production Studio online with WordPress. The Production Studio will have real videos that are not about Club Penguin. Redguy2000 will be using a video camera to make the video. We need an idea for what to call the site and Productions. Currently I gave Redguy2000 a pretty cool idea it was Multi Range Productions. Do you like it? If you would like it, give a comment and give an idea if you can. Remember it has to say Productions at the end of it.

Redguy2000 will be looking at these comments.

As will i.

Thanks for your help.



1. $Py B0uNC3R - October 22, 2007

Maybe………….. Redguy2000 Profesional Videos Productions.

I don’t really know but you can email me at spy_bouncer@hotmail.com for more ideas.

2. mohd222 - October 22, 2007

nice site 😀 , check mine http://www.mohd222.wordpress.com , see ya in cp =)
mohd 222 , the mohderator!

3. Redguy2000 - October 23, 2007

Cool idea Py! 😛
I’ll put that in with the other names.

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