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Ninjas? October 14, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Rumours.


I was on CP, i thought i’d check Rattybor’s website.

She had pictures of Ninjas.

I thought, “No! Those are an edit!”

So, i took my theory into action. I went onto CP, and found the exact same Ninja print!


I think the “things” on the Pet Shop are foot prints. The sheen on the mirror looks like a Ninja. The net shadow looks like a Ninja shadow!


Do you think this is true?

I guess we’ll never know…



1. Mr Funguin © - October 14, 2007

I dont know whether this is true!
But the mirror sheen looks strange!

2. Rattybor - October 14, 2007

lol yh nd plus the thing tht woz on the ski lift waz a ninja head.

3. oilersmyth - October 14, 2007

Wow!!! Good sight Mr Funguin! That is Impressive!

4. gothrocker - October 21, 2007

hi mr funguin (saying that flirty)luv ur web and im emailing cp rite now on a other window and i told them to come to my site to see proof if the ninjas are real cuz i have these pix but some i cant post but go to my web and find a page called: ninjas?

and look at this other stuff too

5. gothrocker - October 21, 2007

http://www.gothrocker.wordpress.com and u have good eye site just like me.

6. COOL COOL CLASS! - November 14, 2008

so obvious ninjas are coming on November 17th 2008

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