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New Attire! + Other October 5, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Catalogues, Clothing Catlogue, New Features.


Excuse the posh word!

The new stuff was releasd today in the lothing catalogue.

Its very good.

Click here to see a picture.


Fairy wings (400):
Click the middle of the princess costume.

Red and blue viking helmet (750):
Click the face of the penguin jumping into the bucket of paint.

Swim goggles (220):
Click the designer glasses.

Red electric guitar (975):
Click the wheels of the blue rollerskates.

They brought the clown outifit back Heres a pic:


Hey, can you really juggle with 1 hand?

They also brought the ghost sheet back!

The costume contest has started and i’m not entering! There are LOTS of great new clothes and i cant decide what to wear!

You dont have to be a Member to enter!


In Other News:

The new flooring which was released on Wednesday seems a hit. The dojo is going like hot-cakes!

Remember: Dont tell me when you’d like it anymore. Things take time. Dont even comment your order.

Until next time, CYA!



1. Mr Funguin © - October 5, 2007

I’ts very good.
I got everything except the girly stuff!
What did ou guys/girls get?

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