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New Releases! Early! October 2, 2007

Posted by Sir Lemons® in Club Penguin, Parties, PARTY TIME!.


I’ve got some great news!

I will release the new stuff i had planned tommarow (Wednesday)!

This is all gonna be cool!

Here are some suprises you can expect. I am holding the BIG suprises for tommarow!

These are for Spinneys:

  • New Attire (New Clothing)!

  • Updated order forms!

  • Updated time, now spinnies will be done in the time limit of 2 days!

  • More colour!

  • More fun!

  • More choices!

  • No more jumping or fadeness!

  • New Name!

Each person who has ordered a spinnie in the past, including the ones which aren’t yet done, and were ordered in te past 2 days,  Will get a bonus spinney (4 instead of 3 ) for helping test out the system!

If you see your name here, you are part of the Bonus!

  1. Iamskylarr

  2. Fluffypuppet

  3. Lilmizz

  4. Wely1

  5. 100Paintgirl

  6. Rachael717

  7. Tntneopets

  8. Sir Lemons

  9. Oilersmyth

  10. Gibaldi

  11. Spy Bouncer

  12. Boby Fisher

  13. Nz43

  14. James918

  15. Cppppenny

  16. Kuadiogo

If you think you should be there, comment your name.

All this and TONNES more!



1. Mr Funguin © - October 2, 2007

I dont care about a bann!
It ends tommarrow though.
I thought you’d like to know what suprises i got in store for you. These are just simple ones. I have got 1 massive change for spinney’s tommarow!
You’ve just got to wait and see!
The names are those who have ordered from me before.
If you should be there, just comment below!

2. radiokol - October 3, 2007

hi there mr punguin! Im radiokol but i would realy like a spinny like yours it’s AWSOME!Also,visit my site radiokol.wordpress.com
(but it will never be as good as urs!)

3. kuadiogo - October 3, 2007

my name isnt there!

4. Mr Funguin © - October 3, 2007

My name is Mr Funguin!

Kuadiogo, did you order a spinney before?

5. kuadiogo - October 4, 2007

yes i did!

6. radiokol - October 14, 2007

yo!Mr.Funguin i NEED a pixel spinney.I sent the form thanks bye!

P.S. Remember when u finish it u can post it onto a comment
at radiokol.wordpress.com thanks again!

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