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The Penguin Times! September 27, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in The Penguin Times.



The penguin times was released today and it tells some great news!

There will be a new Fun Fair Fanatical Furnitre catalogue out tommarow!

There will be a Club Penguin 2ND Aniversery!

This will be held on 24TH OCTOBER

2 Days later, there will be a Halloween Party!


They might be bringing back some old items like the bunny slippers and the clown outfit, and not to forget the ghost sheet! 

Here’s something to work on!

Theres something different about the picture above, than in the paper. What is it?

Comment your answer!

Upcoming Events:
Sept 28:
>> New Furniture Catalog
>> New pin hidden

Oct 5:
>> New clothing catalog
– Halloween costume release

Oct 12:
>> New pin hidden

Oct 24:
>> 2-year anniversary celebration

Oct 26:
>> Halloween party starts
>> New pin hidden



1. Mr Funguin © - September 27, 2007

CP Have got our weeks full of exitement!

2. oilersmyth - September 27, 2007

The Diffrence is that the Ghost is wearing glasses

Mr Funguin Says: Wrong…

3. oilersmyth - September 27, 2007

No, Theres No Coming Soon!

Mr Funguin Says: …Then right!

4. Penyelo - September 28, 2007

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Check out:
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