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FALL FAIR! You gotta fall for it! September 21, 2007

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Bad joke, i know! But hey, it was a joke!? (if you dont know what the joke was, look at the post title!)

The fall fair IS BRILLIANT!


There are 6 games, although i can onl find 4 or 5.

You cant collect tickets from them and spend them on anything, from the booth at the plaza.


Here the items. Click the image to enlarge.


The prizes are:
Feathered Tiara (1200 tickets)
Cotton Candy (600 tickets)
Teddy Bear Player Card Background (400 tickets)
Circus tent pin (100 tickets)
(More prizes are coming!)

I have bought all the items, except for the Crown/Tiara. Incase you didn’t know, even none-members can buy things.

The Night Club has been transformed incredibly!dance.jpg

The band are back!


So far there if no evidence of a FREE item. It may come as the days go on! Or maybe the prizes are free items. They are free. They dont cost anything! Just tickets. Not coins!

Heres a video. It’s not my best one:

I’ll update this post again, when something is released.

Until then,


(I have recieved some requests to meet me. If you want to meet me, then come into the deep freeze server. And find me. I’ll be everywhere! Im going to be on that server alot today!)

P.S: I have over 4 spinney orders to complete. Please be patient.




1. Mr Funguin © - September 26, 2007

The joke was harmless!

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