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Party News! + More News! September 18, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Rockhopper!.


Billybob revealed on the CP Blog a bit about the Fall Fair! Heres a sneak peak!


There may be serveral free items, and i think that they are going to have a twist to get them!

 Billybob remarked:

“This is one of the biggest parties in Club Penguin history”

This is gonna be fun! 

People may say Disney is bad with CP, But, if this is one of the biggest parties in Club Penguin history, then they must be good. We’ll see.

C’tn Rockhopper is meeting alot of people, and hes gonna meet more next time, becuase they are doing something. They might double him! Like, put him of a few servers at once!


In Other News:

Recently i havn’t been making Spinnies.

I’m making them stop jumping! Some recent ones have had that ablity, but it’s not perfect, only the perfect ones are worth having! So hang on! It’ll be fully done by: SATURDAY

Keep your Admin Application’s coming as i have 11 out of 15 people!

I have a super cool video to go along with it!

I visited a few sites from the last posts, on the comments. There were good!

The better the sites are, the more chance of them being on myblog roll!

I dont know why, but i thought this post should have some colour!



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