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100Th Issue And Rename Revealed September 13, 2007

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The 100th issue of the penguin times has been released. They have had newspapers, for 100 weeks!

Anyway, theres a special puzzle in the newspaper, and ive solved it in 2 moves and here it is!:auntyarctic.jpg

Cp is having a fall fair and here are the dates:


Sept 21st – Oct 1st.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 14:
>> Rockhopper returns
– More cargo; new items
>>New pin hidden

Sept. 21:
>> Fall Fair starts
– Dont miss the first ever Fall Fair in CP

Sept. 28:
>> New furniture catalog
>> New pin hidden

Oct. 5:
>> New clothing catalog


Ballistic Biscuit will be called:



49% Not bad…

I still think it should have been BOARD BREAKER!

But i suppose people thought that the word “hopper” reminded them of Rockhopper, so they chose that!


In other news:

My admin comp is looking good.

Considering i only have 9 people! I need 6 more!

Anyway, until next time,




1. Waddle3773 - September 15, 2007


Wow, hydro hopper.. 😦 I was hoping Board Breaker too!! That’s like, the best name!

😉 100th issue! Awesome!! 😉 Whoops, I think that’s too many of those faces! 😉

Waddle3773 😉

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