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Wicked! New Cheatin Program! September 10, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Uncategorized.


Theres a great CP Cheat program which has been released. You can get 100,00 coins in  go, by playing 1 game of sledracing! I tried it and its good. I got 10943980 coins! Its nifty.

Click more to find out what it is and how to get it!

Thats right, theres no new cheating program!

And if there is i dnt know how to get it!

So If you’re reading this, you’re a hacker. You’re more than a hacker than yo thought you were!

Meaning, you’re interested in getting coins the hacking way!

But if you believe that will get you anywhere, go ahead, no one’s stopping ya!




1. oilersmyth - September 10, 2007

Good one again!!!

2. Mr Funguin - September 11, 2007

Thanks, it was random to see who are hackers!

3. oilersmyth - September 11, 2007

I knoww, its coool how many people like to hack!

4. Lakera - September 14, 2007

i just like clicking more buttons. random isnt it?

5. sirlemons - September 16, 2007

good one!

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