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FALL FAIR! September 6, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Club Penguin, PARTY TIME!, Rockhopper!.


Thanks tom 2 mischevous penguins, we now know whats in store for us!


I dont hae a clue what that is, but its obviously a “fair”

And also Rockhopper i due back.

So now we know whats he’s bringing, More decorations!

And if you go to the lighthouse you can open 1 of the boxes! My guess is that Disney, Yes Disney, helped with this. Because they could never do that much animation. Just a bit.


Theres a soft of poll for Ballistic biscuit in the paper.

Everyone, Vote for Board Breaker!

Dunno why, but do!!!

In tips and secrets, you can get coins from JETPACK without getting any!

Anyway, If you’re interested in being a admin, go 2 posts down!

Oh and you may need to email me as the form doesn’t work, or leave a comment.



1. REBECCA - September 6, 2007

i love it lots

2. fang2 - September 8, 2007

I like this site allot!

3. Grace - September 22, 2007


4. ashayll - September 22, 2007


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