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Admin Needed. September 4, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in Admin, New Mod.


I’m on the hunt to look for 2 admins.

I need 2 people to be my co-admins.

There will be 5 rounds to play for.

The first round, i will choose 15 people. They will write a fake post on Microsoft Word or later, about anything, and email it to me.

At this stage (2) I will select 10 people. These 10 people will type up another short DRAFT post on word and create a picture to go with it. Again this will be emailed to me.

The next stage is step 3. I will choose 5 people to go through. These five people have all to play for at stage 3. These 5 people, will do up in neat their draft post. This again will be emailed to me.

Stage 4 is more tense. I will choose 3 people to design a header. This again will be emailed to me.

Then stage 5 is down to you! You will be able to see everything they did!

And you get to vote for your favourite two!

The 2 most voted, WIN!


To enter click this picture! (opens in new window)


Or if the picture link doen’t work:

Click here. (Opens in new window)

If there is something you dont understand, email me or ask in a comment.

If the whole thing goes well, im thinking of 2 more admins. Only if it goes well.

Spread the word, and remember it could be you…



1. kuadiogo - September 5, 2007


2. Waddle3773 - September 8, 2007


Can I be in the contest for the hunt of 2 more admins? That’s only if you want it.

– Waddle3773
Mr Funguin Says: Yes!

3. stangman601 - September 8, 2007


can i be admin im admin on alot of sites like http://www.animalempire.wordpress.com and my site is http://www.drawingforfun.wordpress.com but if you dont want me to be admin its all right

Mr Funguin Says: Sure! Just fill the form and ill be in touch,.

4. Redguy2000 - September 11, 2007


I would like to enter the contest! :mrgreen:
My blog is http://partypenguinfun.wordpress.com
I like to post about alot of Club penguin stuff
I like Having a Club penguin site!

:mrgreen: I hope I make it in :mrgreen


Mr Funguin Says: You have successfully entered

5. bandit777 A.K.A sword56 - September 11, 2007

may i please be in the contest for a new admin site is banditbud777.wordpress.com so i hope u choose me cause i rock at wordpresses 🙂 so add me thanks :mrgreen:

Mr Funguin Says: No, theres not enough info. Please try again by using the form, below.

6. mikeambrose3 - September 11, 2007

Hey Mr Funguin, im mikeambrose3, my site it http://mikeambrose3.wordpress.com I want to be an admin on your site because im a pro on wordpress, and im helping People like Blueteeth2, Mike92, and a couple others, i have a registered gif animator and screen capture, there bought. And im and admin on about 5 others blogs. Ive been playing club penguin for a while now, about 200 days. And im a pro hacker, i have a gym igloo, theres a post on my site. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

Mr Funguin Says: You have been entered

7. 8socc3r - September 14, 2007

I can’t take pictures, can I still be an admin?

8. Mr Funguin - September 15, 2007

No, i dont mind if you cant tae pictures, you can easily be taught. But you’ll need to do a description like everyone else.

9. Hilary Kwan - September 19, 2007

Hi! I am Hilary Kwan < my penguin name. Wanna be friends on club-penguin? Please o please…! I have 110000 over coins actually. But dun hack ma account for the money.

10. pink slip sm - September 21, 2007

yer im not sure how 2 take pictures either ull have to email me how- u kno ma email

11. pink slip sm - September 21, 2007

wat programme did u download to take screen shots??

12. pink slip sm - September 21, 2007

did u kno my penguin is 321 days old!!!! thts alot of expereriance nearly a year i kno everything bout club penguin ive got everything, i know all about the olden days lol. And i really wanna b an admin itll cheer me up even more if its with kt (u kno hu) and, and im getting braces in 2 weeks thts y itll cheer me up :¬) thts y itll cheer me up!*1

13. ktsm - September 23, 2007

hi am bored

14. ktsm - September 23, 2007

its pink slip sm by the way but ive got a different user name

15. ktsm - September 23, 2007

i think this is a new pic of my penguin

16. ktsm - September 23, 2007

omg my picture wont change

17. Mr Funguin © - September 29, 2007

Lol. Thats is lol.
I got my admin!
Sir Lemons.

18. mewwmew - October 7, 2007

count me out

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