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ROCKHOPPER + NEW ADMIN! August 15, 2007

Posted by Mr Funguin in General Talk, PARTY TIME!, Rockhopper!.

Hey! We’ve done alot today!


My igloo has been decorated and looks brill! I am getting some extra bits to make it look rich!

Rockhopper can be seen in the telescope and this is what his position is:


Great edit dont you think? Wonder what he’ll bring this time!

Hope its not something he already brought, like the past 2 visits!

And we’ll let you know of any other changes of the party.

We have a new Mod. Chewitt Dude! Also, Lakilester86 and Pete!

I just sent them email by wordpress saying they are connected with us. So when they log in next time, to edit their blog, they’ll see our blog title.

Welcome to the team!

These two, can write and edit posts. About cp!

More info later.



Click the picture below to download our home68, toolbar! We downloaded it!


toolbar powered by Home68


  • Google search box

  • Radio

  • Email notifier

  • RSS Feeds

  • Links

  • Weather

  • And instant messages!

  • When ever post, the toolbar will tell you!

+ more!



1. rachul717 - August 18, 2007

u got it wrong it the 23 on thursday it ma bd then lol ha ha

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