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New Mission! + newspaper August 9, 2007

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The new mission has been launched and it the best!!!

Here is a guide of how to do the mission.

1. Talk to G and he will open the Gadget Room.
2. In the Gadget Room pick up the Life Preserver and place it in your inventory.
3. Enter the Ski Lodge and pick up the Fishing Rod near the Ice Fishing Door and place it in your inventory.
4. Head to the Lighthouse and place the Rope near the lifeboat in your inventory.
5. Put the three items you have found so far into one slot to combine them into one.
6. Head to the Sports Shop and take the Pirate’s Belt from the Green Penguin Statue and place it into your inventory.
7. Go to the Ski Village and then click on the Ski Lift.
8. Place the Pirate’s Belt onto the Ski Lift to fix it.
9. Pick up the White Fibers near the Ski Lift.
10. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and use the Wrench in the Spy Phone to unscrew the Telescope and place it into your inventory.
11. Go to the Sports Shop and head up the stairs to G’s Room.
12. Place the Telescope on the Tripod near the window.
13. Head to the Mountain and go down the Ridge Run trail.
14. You have to follow a path down the Ridge Run track which is Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Right.
15. Once at the bottom you’ll see Inner Tubes. Take out the Life Preserver.
16. Grab the First Penguin on the little branch. Then grab the next penguin on the ledge. Drop one of the penguins on the branch and use the other one to grab the penguin under it. Then grab the one on the branch and drop all three on the ledge with the rock and they will push the rock down. Grab all three penguins and drop down to grab the last one. Now you’ve rescued all the penguins.
17. Back at the Mountain talk to G and hand him the Fiber’s to finish the mission.

Medal: Medal of Excellence
Reward: Handy Penguin Award
Letter: You get only one chance to read this letter. Then it self destructs.



The new newspaper is out and this is whats inside:

The winners of the Best Outfit Contest have been announced. Click on the picture in the paper to see them.
The ski hill will be open tomorrow. There will even be some different tracks!
The featured game is Catchin Waves.
Aunt Arctic answer questions about the CP band and Cart Surfer.
The tips and secrets tell about the Astro Barier secret levels wait 30 seconds between levels 30 and 31 and then shoot the blue ship that appears.
Jokes, riddles, poetry, and a comic as always.
Upcoming Events:
Aug 10:
>> Sled routes reopen
– New routes
>> New Post Cards
Aug 17:
>> Furniture catalog
>> Igloo design catalog
>> Rockhopper arrives
>> New pin hidden
Aug 24:
>> New pin hidden
>> Weekend party starts




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